Learn Photoshop

Demystify the core concepts

Master the basic techniques

Quickly... Easily...

Clear and Concise

Photoshop–Just the Skinny (2nd Edition) is designed to be easy to start and quick to get through. You’ll get just what you need to know, “just the skinny”, in a little over 200 pages. The book doesn’t cover everything and doesn’t show you fifty different ways to do the same thing. Instead, its focus is on what you need, and only that, to develop an initial mastery.

The chapters build in logical progression, each adding a skill or a concept. You’ll learn the easy way to do things and then the more complex, but vastly more flexible, advanced techniques. Click Here to download a PDF of the Table of Contents.


Formatted for Ease of Use

Each chapter is exactly four pages long and discusses a subject in its entirety. So you won't have to set aside two hours to wade through long involved chapters to make any progress. You’ll find straightforward “just do this” advice along with lots of useful tips and suggestions.

This is not tutorial-based learning; you’ll get what you need to know without background chatter or long, involved "follow me" lessons. Photoshop–Just the Skinny demystifies the difficult concepts, explains the troubling warnings, and arms you with valuable techniques. Click Here to download a sample chapter.

Abundant Graphics

Photoshop-Just the Skinny is jammed with over 750 graphics, screen shots, and images, combined together in an uncluttered, easy-to-read format. All of the screen shots are taken with Photoshop CS4 but you’ll have no trouble applying the concepts to CS through CS4.

Photoshop–Just the Skinny comes in PDF and print formats. The PDF was generated in High Quality Print format, so you can magnify it on your screen up to 400% to get a closer look at anything you want. Click Here if you need to download a free PDF reader from Adobe. The print version is full color, printed on high quality, semi-gloss paper.

Down-to-Earth Examples

The images in Photoshop–Just the Skinny come from all over the world but were taken by amateur photographers. So they are real life photographs and suffer from the same sort of issues you might encounter with your own photography. (While the book's emphasis is definitely on images and image enhancement, drawing and painting are also reviewed.)

At least half of the images were taken with a point and shoot camera. And yet with Photoshop, we are able to create very pleasing large format prints. Most of the example images are also available for download. Click Here to purchase Photoshop–Just the Skinny.