Having Problems?

The purchase and download processes have been designed to be as straightforward as possible and should run without any problems. Then again, these are computers... If you are having an issue, please look below to see whether it is addressed and, if so, try out the suggested solution. If you are still having problems, follow the "How do I contact you?" instructions.

I never received my email...

More than likely, your spam filter blocked it. If your payment went through, an email with the download link was automatically sent out to the email address you entered on PayPal. Check your junk email folder and you will probably find it there. It will be from support@justtheskinny.com.

My download is not working...

It you received your download link via email and clicked on it, but cannot download the file, it is almost certain that something in your local system is preventing you from downloading the file. Most likely, this is a firewall of some type. If you are running firewall programs made by Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, etc., the simplest solution is to temporarily turn off or disable the firewall. You should then be able to click and download the file without any problems. After downloading, you should re-start the firewall program.


If, for some reason, you were unable to complete your download within the prescribed 24 hours, go to the Contact Us page and provide us with your name and email address along with the date and order number (from PayPal) of your purchase. We will email you a new link for completing your download.

I've downloaded my file but cannot open it...

The zip file should be easily opened by modern PC or Mac operating systems.

The book file itself is in an Adobe PDF format and your computer must have a PDF reader in order to open it. Click here to download a free reader from Adobe.

I still need help. How do I contact you?

Click here to contact us. Provide us with your name and email address along with the date and order number (from PayPal) of your purchase. Describe the problem you are having and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with a resolution.

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